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Construction Inspection

We Have Qualified Staff

PTI’s construction and special structural inspection capabilities include all field inspections required to be performed on most construction projects. PTI employs a staff of inspectors for concrete, post-tension concrete, soils, asphalt, masonry and structural steel. Growing liability concerns, government regulation and increased quality standards demand thorough field control and documented project compliance. A systematic oversight of sequential work product eliminates substandard workmanship, and ensures a safe, timely, and certified project completion.

Structural Inspection



Post Tensioning

Reinforcing Steel

Structural Steel

Soils Compaction

Ultrasonic Testing

Epoxy Anchors



Curtain Wall

Expansion Anchors

Nuclear Use Testing

Asphalt Lay Down

Floor Flatness


Specialty Inspection

Non-Destructive Testing

Non Structural Inspection

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