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About Us

Founded in 2001

Phoenix Testing & Inspection LLC is a professional corporation founded in 2001.

Located in Phoenix


The company was founded in Phoenix to meet the needs of our client community throughout Arizona.

1,500+ Projects

PTI has provided services on over 1,500+ of projects ranging from single family residences to large industrial complexes.

Our Clients

We work with both public and private clients including, but not limited to:

  • Home Builders & Land Developers

  • Local, State and Federal Governments and Agencies

  • Public and Private Utilities

  • Major Industries and Manufacturers

  • Architects and Engineers

  • Banks and Lending Institutions

  • Contractors

  • National Governments and Agencies

  • Retail and Commercial Companies


We are proud of our ability to meet the demands of any project, anywhere. Through the efforts of our dedicated staff, we approach each assignment, no matter how large or small, with enthusiasm and the full resources of our company.

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