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Environmental Assessment & Studies

Environmental Site Assessments

PTI conducts environmental site assessments on behalf of the buyer, seller, lender or insurer.  Experienced environmental professionals examine the property for past or current activities that may be associated with toxic or hazardous waste contamination.  Site assessments are conducted in separate phases.

For a Phase I Assessment, (per ASTM E1527-13 and 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 312), we generally consider the current and historical uses of the property, and through a detailed search, we evaluate the possible hazards related to these uses.  The scope of the Phase I assessment is constantly reviewed and updated to stay current with the rapidly changing “state-of-the-art”.  We normally conduct the following activities shown in the chart to the right.

If required, the Phase I Assessment can include asbestos and radon surveys.

After we complete the Phase I study, we review the results with our client, and if the results do not indicate a potential for contamination, then normally no further action is taken. If however, the results suggest that contamination may be present, then further action will be required.

Phase 1 Assessment

Environmental Questionnaire

Historical Review

Regulatory Agency Records Search

Review of Aerial Photographs

Interview with Site Personnel

Site "Walk-Over" by Qualified Professional

Observations of Adjacent Properties

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