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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Phoenix Testing & Inspection LLC provides a variety of geotechnical services for our clients. We develop specific solutions in consultation with all parties involved to maximize site development potential. Detailed reporting formats provide the planning criteria necessary to mitigate existing site constraints through practical, suitable, and appropriate engineering design.

Our staff conducts comprehensive site investigations to determine subsurface soil, rock, and groundwater conditions. Geotechnical investigations include the analysis and recommendations required for site grading, excavation, slope stability, shoring, foundation design, and design of necessary above and below grade walls.

Our fundamental objective is cost-effective recommendations associated with design practicality. This supports civil engineering design recommendations for conclusive land-use planning including road design, asphalt, concrete and paving requirements, site drainage, storm drain, water service, sewer treatment, and septic system layouts.

Geotechnical Engineering

Dynamic Site Response

Soil / Formation Analysis

Load Bearing Determination

Drainage Evaluations

Seepage Evaluations

Pavement Design

Slope Stability Analysis

Foundation Design

Concrete Recommendations

Earthworks / Soil Density

Geotechnical Exploration

Fault Evaluations

Surface Reconnaissance

Seismic Assessments

Test Pit Excavations

Site Borings

Sample Collections

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